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I like how the mind tries to make sense of abstract and derive meaning and order out of the lines, shapes, and color. For me, abstract is something that forms almost unconsciously from a moment in time, from a feeling, and then communicated on canvas. The result can be an image that is on the verge of being something. That is the place I like my artwork to live. 
My artwork is a celebration of human consciousness, the moment, the emotion that we all feel and experience, but in entirely different perspectives. It’s a representation of the same process, mind, body, and soul, layering and interacting, while expressing complete and utter individuality. It’s about the beauty of being connected, while being unique.
 My artwork has featured in gallery group shows, Sierra Madre Art Fair, Art Palm Springs, Gallery 825 in Los Angeles, and a solo exhibit at Brittany Davis Gallery in Ojai. I am currently a continuing member of the Los Angeles Artists Associations (LAAA).